Digitize your company

Develop your Mobile App

Are you wondering how to make an app? Do you have an idea, but you don’t know where to start? In AKUN we have a simple and efficient process that will allow you to develop your app step by step.

An app development process can be divided into 4 steps that every entrepreneur or company must follow.



Every successful product, service or company starts with an idea. Perhaps, your idea can improve your sales processes or improve your customer service.

You understand your business and you are the one who will make the app successful, but Akun can help you turn your idea into a real application.


During the planning, we will define the different functionalities that your app requires depending on your business goal and according to the target audience that will use the application.



We focus on your app’s aesthetic appearance and ease of use.

Modern and elegant designs that we will choose together, taking into account the image of your product and service.

We have a team of experienced program engineers specialized in Android and IOS mobile app development.


We already have your idea developed in the app! It's time to publish it and start testing the popularity.

Depending on the type of technology used, we will publish your app in the ITUNES store, in the case that it is developed for the IOS system or in the Google PLAY store, in the case that it is developed for the Android system.

In AKUN we know that it is important to continue working on updates, new functions and continuously improve the content, so we will also help you through this stage.